What's your approach to the cloud?

Cloud computing offers one of the most compelling return-on-investment (ROI) opportunities of our time. A well-executed risk-managed strategy brings significantly increased speed, agility, and flexibility while reducing cost.

Cloud Approach provides a sophisticated suite of cloud computing consulting services and reusable toolsets designed to maximize your ROI and control your risk SONIC, our services methodology, helps you gain visibility, support, and buy-in for your initiatives at all levels in your organization-- executive, IT management, and staff. SONIC continuously manages risk and ROI, providing a clear roadmap combining business-level perspective with technical acumen.

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Comprehensive Services

Considering a public cloud for new or existing applications? Cloud Approach can assist you, from strategy through implementation.

Cloud Security

Security is the # 1 concern of companies considering the cloud. Virtualization security & compliance is also a significant and growing concern.

Virtualization and Consolidation

Cloud Approach can help you maximize your virtualization and consolidation ROI. Virtualization is often presented as a single all-encompassing solution when in reality it's only one piece of a complex puzzle focused on business-driven requirements.

Cloud computing and virtualization implementation experts

The complex and fast-changing nature of solutions for infrastructure, platform, and software cloud computing can be overwhelming. Cloud computing environments can involve new software development languages and application programming interfaces; new approaches to storage; and an array of paradigm shifts in system administration, security, operations, and maintenance. Similarly, comprehensive virtualization and consolidation initiatives require expertise across the entire IT stack to avoid pitfalls and stay on-track. Building and maintaining the staff and expertise in-house for these new initiatives can be difficult and costly.

Cloud Approach consultants are industry-leading experts ready to help your organization in all phases of implementation including cloud software development, migration and transition, system administration, establishment of cloud development, testing and staging environments, and much more. Our virtualization and consolidation experts have extensive experience in large-scale infrastructure products with all leading virtualization, storage, and networking vendors. Our team offers implementation services for major cloud vendors and virtualization platforms including Terremark, Amazon AWS, CloudSwitch, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, Force.com, Salesforce.com, Google App Engine, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, VMware, EMC, Cisco, NetApp, Citrix, Hadoop, Tricipher, and others.

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Managing cloud computing and virtualization risk and compliance

Security is the number one concern of most companies considering public cloud computing. Virtualization security and compliance within the enterprise is also a significant and growing concern. Cloud Approach helps you effectively manage risk and seize opportunities by combining industry-recognized cloud computing and virtualization security, privacy, and compliance risk management expertise and thought leadership with a customized IT business planning and technology implementation framework.

As we know, from a security, privacy, and compliance perspective, not every application conforms to current public cloud offerings. The Cloud Approach SONIC consulting services framework can rapidly pinpoint where and how your applications and information, in whole or in part, can reside in the cloud while reducing risk and meeting compliance mandates.

Cloud Approach can help architect an IT security strategy aligned with existing and future cloud computing and virtualization industry best practices and regulatory compliance. This allows you to easily adopt and receive tangible benefits of future technology and service provider enhancement while streamlining existing operations. In doing so, you will minimize the need to "rework" your infrastructure to benefit from future security advancements in public cloud computing as you move from private cloud to hybrid cloud. Cloud Approach SONIC is designed to provide streamlined risk management for today's cloud and virtualized applications and to prepare you for the future.

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